Here are some of those who put their trust in us: :

Teamwork and netwok

DOM’UP, TreeFloor, Nest and the fixing system NO TRACE s are all the fruit of great collaboration between a team of arborists, biologists, engineers, architects, designers and consultants in other

In the context of a joint project between high schools and business, the ECAM, Industrial Institute and The engineering firm Greischagreed to participate in the development of DOM’UP, with the objective of optimizing production and security aspects in the supporting structure.

Aludan made the first supporting structure for DOM’UP. A big thank you to Salvator Facianela, a professional of the highest standing who’s careful advice actively contributed to the development of the metal structure.

Doctor Arbol Gerard Passola, biologist, inventor and expert tree pathologist, has accompanied Trees and People for more than five years. His competence in the field is internationally recognized. Gerard Passola and Bruno de Grunne have worked together on a wide range of arboreal sites in Spain and Portugal. They were the creators of the structure that saved the dragon tree in the Ajuda botanic gardens in Lisbon. .Dragonier du Jardin Botanique de Ajuda {JPEG}
Gerard is also the inventor of a technique that allows for the transplantation of
trees of large dimensions with all their roots. This technique is the only one to guarantee a 95% success rate. See the video

John’s Wood Natural constructions made the carpentry elements for Trees and People such as the planks for DOM’UP and Tree Floor, as well as access elements such as ladders and wooden steps.

The Tree People are all professionals who work in establishing and conserving our woodland heritage. They are the key to trees, being the only people capable of making human activity cohabit with trees in a sustainable way

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