The "No Trace"

NO TRACE: the key to trees!

A continual search for coherent solutions with an eco-responsible approach

NO TRACE, the key to trees. It is a philosophy that has lead us to find methods that are favorable for harmonious cohabitation between trees and the man of our times.

To build this link without any damage to trees, we are developing equipment that is durable and totally reversible. Nothing is put either in, or on the ground. No trace whatever will be left on the trees, even after decades of cohabitation. All research is conducted to ensure to respect and conform to European safety standards, the most demanding safety measures for users and the protection of the environment.

To do this, we always keep in mind that a tree is capable of opposing with an exterior pressure through a thrust in its growth. This ability has limits that no scientific study has yet measured, but experience has proved that it is possible to attach to trees without damaging them or stopping them from growing naturally. If these measures are respected, applied and followed, the tree can deal with them without fear of any damage.

Over three years, on growing beech and oak trees, we tested constant fittings supporting a weight from 500 kg up to 2.300kg. After dismantling, we could confirm that the only detectable trace left on the trunk was the absence of moss that had grown on the fittings and not the bark.

In being suspended from the trees we avoid damage to the ground caused by the foundations of exterior supports, often used in the construction of perched cabins. We avoid also the use of classic arboreal construction techniques that do not take into account the growth of the tree.

NO TRACE is a term we took from a business information campaign in the European Union in the sixties; to persuade visitors to respect the environment and leave nature in the state they found it. It was a blogger on our arboriculture forum who first described our approach with this term in 2012.
We adopted it and have been using it ever since, and we hope to use our experience of NO TRACE to the benefit of anyone, like us, who dreams of sustainable cohabitation with trees without harm.

All our equipment has been conceived to be installed by the professionals of arboriculture who we call "Gens d’Arbres". They are the guarantee of respect to the tree and the security of those benefiting from our installations.

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