Trees Plateforms

An economic and eco-responsible alternative to tree houses

Trees & People have created the first Glamping (glamour camping) tree platform without any effect on the trees or the environment. DOM’UP is the economic and ecological alternative to tree houses, and answers a growing demand for special nights in a natural environment.

The Dom’Up:

Based on an octagonal structure of 16m² with a comfortable double-canvas double-roof tent, and a large terrace secured by smart horizontal rails. A wide door invites nature lovers to slip their bed outside for a night under the stars.
With it’s attractive design features and innovative security solutions, DOM’UP requires only two trees for installation thanks to the ingenious fixing system that leaves absolutely no trace on the trunk. This is what we call NO TRACE.

Erecting and installing takes no more than two days and the price is about half of that of an equivalent tree house.

Each link in the attaching chains corresponds to the highly demanding security standards of the European Community. The security standards applied to textile elements conform to WLL (working load utilization limit) x 7, and WLL for the metal elements. To make them more durable, our webbing elements are oversized above EEC standards. They are fitted with a supplementary security system to detect any overloading. Everything possible has been done to meet the highest standards of security, and ensure that our tree-guests risk nothing, even after decades of use.

Wherever, or whoever you are, you will always have a high quality maintenance service at hand, DOM’UP was designed and conceived to be erected and maintained by our Tree People network, a vast international network made up of professionals linked to ornamental arboriculture.

If by chance there are no Trees & People approved fitters in your region, we personally guarantee that we will train arborists near you to be on hand when needed and assure maintenance compatible with the guarantees we offer.

Access in the basic version is through a clever opening in the security net, which closes automatically through a valve system. Climbing up is on comfortable crafted wooden ladders fitted with ramps.
Other access points like suspended bridges or stairs are possible depending on the configuration of the terrain and your trees.

Furthermore :
The structure supporting the platform is of high quality steel, carefully galvanized while hot to guarantee long- term stability. The planks are of wood, or wood composite according to choice. The bedroom is made of waterproof, high quality cotton/PVC canvas, and the roofing is of high-resistance thermo-welded tarpaulin. Rails have been flat fitted around the perimeter to install a safety net. All this combines to allow a magnificent opening to the surrounding countryside whilst ensuring the security of users


TreeFloor is a modulable platform, conceived to be suspended between trees.
Just two trees are necessary.
An elegant safety net system guarantees the security of users.
The attaching system developed by Trees & People preserves the trunks from damage.
Complies with the most demanding European safety standards.
Allows maintaining installations in trees year after year without dismantling.
The planks can easily be removed during winter and reinstalled in spring.
Trees & People undertake the erection and maintenance across all of Europe.

Ready for use within a period of maximum two months.

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